4oz – Premium Quality Vanilla Essential Oil (4 Ounce with Dropper) Therapeutic Grade Vanilla Oil

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Vanilla Essential Oil by Ola Prima

Product Features

  • HUGE 4 OUNCE BOTTLE WITH GLASS EYEDROPPER – Our Vanilla Oil Is Bottled in a U/V Resistant Amber Bottle with an glass eyedropper
  • PREMIUM QUALITY THERAPEUTIC GRADE VANILLA Oil – An Absolutely Beautiful Aroma Made from the Highest Quality Vanilla
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR DIFFUSER, BODY OILS, & MORE – Simply Add a Few Drops To Your Favorite Diffuser, Or Make an All-Natural Cleaner. It’s also great for making Lotions, Creams, Bath Bombs, Scrubs, Candles, and So Much More!
  • OLA PRIMA IS THE LEADER IN AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS – We offer the Highest Quality Essential Oils & Blends, Every Essential Oil we Offer is PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC GRADE
  • OLAPRIMA PROVIDES THE HIGHEST QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS – If you’re not 100% Satisfied With Our Oils, Simply Contact Us for a Full Refund or Replacement


Anonymous says:

not for aromatherapy… bought the lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, and peppermint from this brand (all the same size, 4oz bottles). we have been using different brands of these four essential oils to diffuse around the house for a couple of years…we could not find our go-to’s and decided to take a gamble on this brand, which was very highly rated and affordable. i will say, all but the frankincense smell like the real deal (the frankincense smells like cat pee and chemicals) when smelled straight from the…

Anonymous says:

Fraud alert: This is NOT Tea Tree Oil! There are several brands of “Tea Tree Oil” on Amazon that are basically fraudulent, and this is one of them.This “essential oil” might possibly contain some “tea tree oil”, but it’s not 100% tea tree oil, nor even close to 100% concentration. More like 5%, if anything.Real Tea Tree Oil is a thin, highly-volatile liquid with a sharp, pungent, turpentine-like odor and a solvent-like feel. It is a pretty serious skin irritant, and burns painfully when applied directly to…

Anonymous says:

The larger size is not worth the money if youre using a diffuser. I won’t say the other brand but I got them from Amazon. I keep my essential oil diffuser going and thought I would get this brand instead because of the larger size and reviews. It was not worth it at all. The smaller bottle are the same price but they only take 5 drops of each of my 2 favorite oils to fill the entire house with fragrance. This larger “premium quality” oil take 100 times that and STILL can’t match the scent. They come with eye droppers and instead of 5 drops I have to use 3…

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