Antica Farmacista Room Spray, 3.4 fl.oz.

July 14, 2019 - Comment
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Antica Farmacista’s Room Spray is a wonderful alternative to home fragrance. Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, the high quality room sprays are formulated to be sprayed into the air to instantly refresh and set the mood in any room.

Product Features

  • Grapefruit Pompelmo Anticas intricate expression process of the grapefruit essence results in a clean fresh
  • Ingredients are Alcohol Propylene Glycol Fragrance Aqua water Benzopheone
  • High quality room spray to fragrance Instantly refreshing and formulated to be lasting constant and beautifully scented


Anonymous says:

Smells great, then it turns… When I first got the product (Manhattan scent) the outside of the bottle smelled so badly that I had to clean the bottle to get rid of the odor. The scent transferred to my hands and was so horrible, I cannot even describe it. The scent diminished greatly after this, BUT, what I have learned now is that the odor is likely inside the bottle as well because when I spray the scent it smells great at first but then fades to a musty, stinky, damp smell that is horrible (just like the scent on the…

Anonymous says:

Lovely scent but does not last Five stars for the smell: clean, fresh, lemony – not overwhelming but noticeable just the right amount.Three stars for the duration: after a few minutes you need to spray again or you don’t smell it at all anymore in a medium to small sized room.For that price, one would expect a long lasting scent and in that aspect it disappoints. It still smells lovely tho…

Anonymous says:

Five Stars Great scent but doesnt last long enough for me. So I bought the diffuser version and am much happier

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