ASHIEE Eye Massage Roller Pen, Eyes Facial Massager Pen for Dark Circle Remover, Eliminate Eye Bags&Puffy Eye,Strain Relief

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Working Voltage: 3.7V
Input Voltage: 5V

1. For personal use only. Do not share with another individual
2. Do not use directly before using sunscreen (Use at night before bed)
3. Do not use on irritated areas or wounds on your body
4. Stop use if irritation occurs
5. Beware of metal allergies
6. Keep away from children

This product is NOT a medical device. This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Only used for eye and face massage.

The performance is depends on different types of skin and also different people. Please be patient and keep using it and you will see the good result. Just like use other skin care product does.

Product Features

  • Micro vibrating with blue light promotes vasoconstriction across eye area to alleviate dark circles and puffy eye. And also smooths skin and relieves allergic reactions, in addition to tightening skin pores
  • Micro vibrating with red light in 107℉±37℉ regulated heating temperature allows for accelerated absorption of skin care products, tighten eye area skin while alleviating dark circles and eye bags
  • Micro vibrating actions exercise eye area muscles, reduce eyes muscles strains and alleviate eye bags and fine lines
  • With ergonomic design for the massage head, which kiss your skin deeply and closely and have better massage effect
  • This eye massager does not only act on the eye, but on the cheeks, forehead, lips and nose muscles massage as well. Works better with other skin care products such as eye cream,face moisturizer,anti aging cream,eye gel, eye serum and etc


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