Blackhead Remover,Electric Pore Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Blackhead Suction Facial Comedo Acne Extractor Kit with 4 Replacement Heads Adjustable Extraction Tool(Green)

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Do you have blackheads,pimples,whiteheads,and comedones on your skin? These are some elements that will make the face look rough and untidy.To get rid of the blackheads and other elements,one requires the best blackhead remover.ETTG vacuums blackhead removers can help you solve these problems effectively
♥♥This Blackhead Vacuum Electric Pore Remover is a very powerful and reliable blackhead remover that you never want to miss. The vacuum remover utilizes Vacuum technology, which aids in opening the pores and eliminating the skin dirt
♥♥The vacuum blackhead remover consists of 4 adjustable suction intensities that make it more convenient for everyday use and perfect for different skins(sensitive skin, neutral skin,and mixed and oily skins).This Blackhead Remover Vacuum comes with four replaceable suctions heads that you can use over a long period of time and works on all types of skins(face,Nose,chin,forehead)
♥♥The rechargeable and portable blackhead remover is recommended for traveling.The powerful and painless blackhead remover vacuum will effectively remove the oil,impurities,and dust particles on the skin.It also removes both whiteheads and blackheads on the face to give you clear and smooth skin
♥♥The blackhead remover also can enhances the blood circulation,remove fine lins which will give you a tightened skin hence brings that young look on the face

Key Features
Deeply cleans pores
Powerful and painless
Portable and USB rechargeable
Four adjustable strengths
Four replaceable probes
Enhances blood circulation
Perfect for all skins
Ergonomic design
Skin purifying and anti-aging

Specifications :
– Item Name:Blackhead Remover Acne Cleanser
– Application:Face and Body
– Materials:ABS
– Power:5W
– Vacuum:59KPA
– Voltage Input:5V/1A
– Lithium battery: 450mAh
– Produt Size:6.3*14.9*13.39Inch
– Net Weight:0.4lb

Product Features

  • ◕‿◕【 2019 UPGRADE BLACKHEAD REMOVER 】– This Professional blackhead Cleaner is the newest Pore Vacuum system,It comes with 4pcs different blackhead replacment head,4 strengths powerful suction and deeper cleansing function,One Key botton and 4 colors led Display,USB Rechargeable Electronic Blackhead Acne Remover can be used for all types of skins and help you remove blackhead and clean skin quickly and effectively
  • ◕‿◕【 RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE 】 — Electric Suction Facial Comedo Acne Extractor Tool with LED Display,450mAh+USB Rechargeable+long battery life.The red light flashing when charging,It will be changed to green when full charged.The Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover is portable and compact,Can be taken and used anytime anywhere.Even in office or travel,also can enjoy face spa easily
  • ◕‿◕【 SAFE&EFFECTIVELY 】 — This Facial Pore Vacuum Cleaner is easy to use and replace heads,59KPA vacuum suction,It can help you remove blackhead,acne,exfoliate dead skin,treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle,skin rejuvenation,and control melanin forming, keep your skin gentle,smooth and tender.Use ETTG Facial steamer or hot towel to open pores before use blackhead remover will be better
  • ◕‿◕【 4 IN 1 VACUUM BLACKHEAD EXTRACTOR 】 — ETTG Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum with 4 different Replacement Probes,You can choose different head as needs,Small round hole for cleaning pores,suitable for thin&sensitive skin.Oval probe used for fine lines treatment and weak skin (eyes, lips) to prevent deep wrinkles,releasing and smoothing fine lines quickly,2 big size suction probes can be used for comedo suction,skin tightening,suitable for delicate,oily skin,sucking oil&blackhead acne
  • ◕‿◕【 4 COLOR ADJUSTABLE COMEDO BLACKHEAD SUCTION SYSTEM 】 — Vacuum Acne Comedone Extractor adopts Vacuum pressure technology,Can remove stubborn blackheads effectively.Level 1/Yellow is intermittent suction model,Level 2/Green is low speed with soft suction,can be used for (first use)for weak sensitive skin,Level 3/Blue is Middle speed&Clean model used for normal skin,Level 4/Red is high speed strong suction.Uesd for oily,mixed skin,clear deep stubborn dirt,acne,hemorrhoids


Anonymous says:

Effective Result Ordered this for my teenage daughter, as she is going through that stage and had asked for it. No idea why she couldn’t just use her fingers to squeeze spots or leave them alone to do their own thing like the rest of the world, but hey ho.So the item arrives to great excitement and my daughter then holes up in her room to set to work. Apparently she is very pleased and it has in fact done what it says it should, it has removed some blackheads and spots, so she is very happy and because…

Anonymous says:

Spa-like results! I used to work at a spa and would get microdermabrasions avout every month. Since I left I have been using scrubs and pore stops to try and get the same results but they have not compared at all! This is the closest I have gotten to actually going into the spa and getting the $90 service! I love that I can do it myself! It saves me so much time and money and I don’t have to use those icky painful strips anymore. I would highly recommend this if you have a problem with clogged pores!

Anonymous says:

Helps remove pesky white and black heads! I have blackheads on my nose that are a pain to deal with and an eyesore to look at in the mirror everyday. Using piore porestrips works great and leaves a forest of blackheads on the strips, but they get pricy, and when you just have a few showing, it’s kind of a waste of a strip. This device is cool because it can isolate one blackhead and help squeeze it out of it’s poor without the damage your fingers would do. Always wash you face and the plastic cups with soap to prevent any bacteria from…

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