Blackhead Remover,Vacuum Blackhead Removal Peel Tool Extractor Electric Skin Pore Cleaner, Rechargeable Suction Comedone Acne Eliminator Device for Nose Face Men Women

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2019 New Upgraded Electric Blackhead Remover with 5 suction probe/45℃ Thermostatic Hot Compress/USB cable/LED Screen/3 adjustable suction

Ⓐ45°C Thermostatic Hot Compress (M Mode)
☛Quick opening pores and softening blackheads
☛Helps suck out blackheads and deep clean pores

Ⓑ3 adjustable suction force,suck out the blackheads completely
☛Level 1(O Mode): Small suction,suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin
☛Level 2(N Mode): Strong suction,suitable for normal skin,used to remove blackheads and make-up residue
☛Level 3(D Mode): Stronger suction,suitable for oily skin,used to remove stubborn blackheads, acne,etc

Ⓒ5 Probes to solve up different skin problems
☛Large Circular Probe:using strong suction to massage,lift and stimulate micro-circulation and blood flow to tighten skin
☛Medium Size Circular Probe 1:The suction is moderate, improve the skin vitality,increase elasticity
☛Medium Size Circular Probe 2: Larger than medium probe 1,suitable for cleaning stubborn blackheads
☛Small Circular Probe:Can be aimed at blackheads and pimples to help unclog pores and reduce the look of blemishes
☛Oval Probe:Probe with micro pulling effect that smooths areas with fine lines including corners of eyes and mouths. The massage deeply penetrates the skin,stimulating circulation
to prevent future wrinkles from forming

ⒹLED Screen
☛Battery Power
☛Suction force&Hot compress
☛USB charge cable,Wireless Operation,Low noise

✔Material:Light & strong ABS
✔Input power:5W
✔Input voltage:5V
✔Dimension:175 x 45 mm

1 x Blackhead Remover Tool
1 x Oval Probe
1 x Small Circular Probe
1 x Medium Circular Probe 1
1 x Medium Circular Probe 2
1 x Large Circular Proble
1 x USB charge cable
1 x Manual
2 x Rubber gaskets
4 x Filter sponges

Product Features

  • ☑【45℃ Thermostat Hot Compress】:High-quality stainless steel hot compress head uses 45℃ thermostat hot compress, safe and not scald the skin, with micron-scale magnetic force to open the pores quickly, soften the blackheads, accelerate the elimination of dirt at the bottom of the skin, make the oil stain cleaning more thoroughly, which is conducive to the full absorption of skin care products
  • ☑【Safe and Efective】: This blackhead remover uses a new generation of plasma micro-district discharge technology with low temperatures and high frequencies. This upgraded chip allows for no bleeding, and no sensation of being shocked by electricity. Also, the new design is elegant and ergonomic. Instantly suction without damaging unintended areas. Make your face look smooth, soft.Made with good ABS, skin friendly
  • ☑【3 Adjustable Suction Force with One Button Design】:Vacuum physical suction design(vacuum absorption technique) from level1 to level3 suction force, the max suction strength is up to 65kpa, depth removes the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores; Remove blackhead, grease and acne; it can also increase blood circulation & skin elasticity, exfoliate dead skin, tighten up loose skin, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores, smooth your fine lines and make your skin more radiant
  • ☑【5 Functional Replaceable Suction Heads】:To be your professional home SPA skin care tool, there have five functional suckers for different skin conditions with different suction heads and force to achieve the best results. Cleans up the blackhead, removes dirt grease inside pores, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin
  • ☑【Rechargerable and Portable】:blackhead remover has a built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery of 1000mah capacity, 150 minutes super long standby time and 1.5 hours charging time,No need to worry about replacing batteries;Visual display, battery allowance and suction force at a glance. Conform to the principles of human body engineering and handhold design, only 138 gram light weight,easy to carry for your home skincare, travels, activities


Anonymous says:

so far so good !!! as an avid weekly swimmer I average 2-3 googles a yearat it’s low price, I took a chance from my usual $30+ pair to try thesevery very comfortable, fit great, easy on the eyes and was water tightI’d be very happy to get 4+ months out of these?i’ll order another pair, as a spare, in a few weeks if these hold up well

Anonymous says:

Great colostrum, perfect size and price Love the benefits of colostrum, but the price can be a bit unreasonable. This is the perfect size (and price) to try. The product itself mixes well, and the vanilla actually tastes good. I can’t speak to the efficacy of “liposomal delivery”, but this colostrum gives me the same results as others I’ve tried: better sleep, quicker healing and regeneration, less muscle soreness, and a seemingly healthier immune system.

Anonymous says:

Weeds be gone. I like to weed without power tools for the exercise and satisfaction of personally sending weeds to the yard waste canister. I was on the fence for a year about buying this so-called BGT because I thought the price was too high; I was wrong. I have used this in my front yard for the grand total of one night to clear multiple square feet of tall, tough weeds with ease. My yard waste canister just went from empty to full. The BGT is better than the Hula-Ho because it cuts effectively on the push…

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