Coconut Fragrance Oil – Premium Grade Scented Oil – 10ml – 2-Pack

August 7, 2019 - Comment
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This Premium/Cosmetic Grade oil is formulated by our master perfumer to closely replicate the perceived aroma of Coconut. This Fragrance Oil is recommended for use in home and car diffusion, or diluted in your candle, soap, bath, body or hair care formulations. This product is intended for cosmetic and home fragrance use only. DO NOT ingest. DO NOT use in lip balm/care formulations. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children and pets.

Product Features

  • 10ml glass amber bottle with an easy dispensing euro dropper (dropper inset in bottle) cap. 10ml=.33oz
  • With more than 30 years in the industry, our IFRA certified Master Perfumer creates highly concentrated, Phthalate free, enhanced formulations for use in home and topical applications. This product is a fragrance oil and, as such, has no therapeutic value. It is intended for cosmetic and home use only.
  • The recommended usage of this fragrance oil is for home and car diffusion; diluted in body care formulations; Candle & Soap manufacturing; homemade cleaning products; and existing unscented products. Not for internal use or lip balm manufacturing. This product should not be used undiluted.
  • Flash Point >200
  • Vegan; Cruelty-Free; Gluten-Free


Anonymous says:

Good scent but at a distance Very strong smell but can easily be too much. Smelling it from the bottle it really doesn’t smell too much like coconut or smell very good but a drop or two in/on something not right next to your nose has a good coconut smell that lasts for days

Anonymous says:

Potent coconut smell, a little goes a long way. After having read most of the reviews, and understanding fully that the scent is not “natural” coconut, but the scent in products like lotion and sun oil, I decided to try it. I happen to like the scent of the coconut sun oils, so I was not disapointed. It is a nice scent to use in a bath, or mixing other oils, or as a fragrence. A dab in the hair or neck, or by the ears is plenty to get a wonderful smell of that cocnut type fragrence.Smells like beach. Like vacation…

Anonymous says:

Great stuff This brand is so good. I love this oil. It’s lasted me over 6 months. Smells like coconut.However, the website for this brand has free shipping, so I started ordering it from there.

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