CosBeauty Anion Skin Refreshing Device, Heating and Cooling Vibration Ion Facial Massager, Skin Care Beauty Device (gold)

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Heating and Cooling Refreshing at once

PerfectRadiant Anion Refreshing Device
You are busy at work in the daytime, then enjoy a colourful night life right after. Have you noticed that your skin is stressed out when you are doing everything out there? The skin is protective layer has run out of balance, absorptivity has gotten weaker and weaker, this will result in dull skin, swelling, sagging, clogged pores and oily face, all of this indicates you have fatigued skin. The PerfectRadiant Anion Skin Refreshing Device assembles four mature technologies to effectively improve modern woman’s “sub-healthy” skin condition, returning vitality to your skin.

About the COSBEAUTY Technology Inc
COSBEAUTY Technology Inc. is an innovative multinational high-tech enterprise that focuses on smart beauty device and skincare solutions. The products cover skin analyzing, cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, firming, anti-aging and body care etc. Our design center and the R&D center are established in Tokyo and Shenzhen respectively. With a company vision of “Science and Technology for Beauty”, we take advantage of Japan’s superior technology and leading design of beauty device, combine them with mobile internet technology, to continuously develop the “Ai” and “Perfect” series of at-home beauty devices. Our products have been widely accepted in Chinese, Japanese and Western markets.

What’s in the Box
This skin care gift set contains:
1 x Anion Skin Refreshing Device
1 x Adapter
Charging cradle
user manual

Product Features

  • Flexible Combination, Effective Replenishment: Heating, cooling, anion lead-in and vibration massage technology can be freely combined: skin awakening mode, restoring mode, eye area mode and make-up fixing mode, directly tackling the core problems of fatigued skin.
  • Improve Circulations & Pore refining: 40°C constant accelerates the facial blood circulation and micro circulation around eyes, opens the pores and improves nutrients absorptions. 12°Clow temperature cooling effectively closes pores, reduce oiliness, keeps nutrients, calms and soothes the skin.
  • Contct charging, IPX5 Waterproof: Say goodbye to the limitation of time and place, now you can enjoy a SPA with mobility. IPX5 waterproof device, easy to clean and store.
  • Anion helps lead-in: It releases 43 million anions per second, opening up the absorption channels, deeply penetrating and intensively replenishing skin.
  • Overclocking Microseismic Massage: The 12000 vibrations per minute offer skin gentle massage with 200 touches per second, promoting skin circulation and restoring elasticity.


Nteag says:

Excellent! This does a great job as compared to … Excellent! This does a great job as compared to some of the others out there. Automatically switches from hot to cold or you can do it manually as well. Heats up within 4 seconds. Good vibration, relaxes my facial muscles, makes it feel smooth. Helps the skin in absorbing the serum or moisturizer well. Really helps with fatigue around the eye muscles. My eyes feel so much more relaxed the entire day after I have used this. It has a little docking base and don’t have to deal with the cord…

Tyler L. says:

Money well spend I have been using this product every morning for a quick puffy eye treatment. So easy to use with lifting, messaging, cooling and heating ALL in 1. I am amzed with how fast system can turn cold and hot in just seconds. It is so comfortable. My husband tried it on his stiff neck and funny it actually helped. If you only budget for 1 beauty device, please get this. It will be money well spend. And the design is totally sexy and cute!

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