Eye Massager, CLCROBD Ionic Eyes Facial Massager Wand with 42 ℃ Heated Sonic Vibration, USB Rechargeable Facial eyes Pen Relieving Dark Circles, Puffiness and Eye Fatigue, Anti-wrinkle

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1, High frequency vibration massage to enhance absorption.
2, Constant 42℃ nursing to relax skin.
3, Reduce puffiness and dark circles.
4, Delicate, compact and portable.
5, 90 minutes USB fast charging.

Blue light vibration mode:9000 TIMES/MIN; Clam the skin; Against black eye.
Bed light heating mode: 13000 TIMES/MIN; 42℃ ± 5℃; Gentle care; Red light aid.

1, Clean your skin and apply eye cream around your eyes
2, Press the button for 3 seconds, choose the massage mode (blue light vibration mode, red light heating mode) according to personal needs, and switch it with a short press.
3, Gently press and move massage.
4, Each mode of the product is automatically switched off after 5 minutes, or you can press the button for 3 seconds to close it.
5, After use, please clean the massage head with dry clean cloths and cover the lid. Put it in a dry place.

Before using product, please read the instructions carefully and keep them for reference.
The product has no waterproof function. Do not put it in water or wash it.

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Product Features

  • ✅ PORTABLE and MINI SIZE: Small shape just like pencil and lipstick, easy taken in your handbag even during the travel. Finger belly shape design, suitable for every angle of eye angle. Protective cap to avoid massage head scratched.
  • ✅ TWO MODES and HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION: It can be adjusted in red light and blue light two stages and has heat and cold modes. Blue light mode vibrates 9000 times/min. It can calm the skin and resist dark circles. Red light mode vibrates 13 000 times/min. with the principle of constant 42℃ high frequency vibration, the nutritional ingredients of skin care products are introduced into the skin.
  • ✅ INTELLIGENT MEMORY MODEL: It will remember the last mode you used and turn on automatically the next time you use it. Each mode works for 5 minutes and then shuts down automatically.
  • ✅ USB CHARGING: Portable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • ✅ FITS to USE on ALL SKIN: Fits for all skin types even the sensitive skin. It is suitable for women of all ages without any side effects.


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