Facial Hair Removal Wax for Women, Hair Remove Waxing Kit for Women Face, non Strips Hard Wax Beans for Flawless Facial Hair Remove, Great for Upper Lip/Cheek Hair & Eyebrow Trimming.

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Face hair removal wax Easy to use Safe and no harms gives you a smooth facial skin


Natural ingredients

Great for fine / coarse hair

No harm to skin

Easy to use

Free guide

Also works with any wax warmer

Softer Facial Hair

Waxing Tips & After Care:

After waxing off unwanted hair, remove some leftover wax with water. Use aloe vera gel or essential oil to calm your skin and give your skin a comfortable massage.

What’s in the package?

Instructions x 1

Hard Wax beans x 200g

Waxing Applicator Sticks x 10

Waxing Cup x 1

How to use?

Step 1

Pour the wax bean & turn on the temperature to the highest 240℉.Wait for about 5 minutes for melting.

Step 2

When wax looks like honey, use the applicator stick lift up the melting wax that more than half of the stick length.

Step 3

Before you apply on your body, have a hand temperature test to prevent burns. Apply to your body quickly with the applicator stick.

Step 4

Allow the wax to cool for 2-3 minutes. Quickly pull off the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Product Features

  • FACIAL WAXING KIT FOR SENSITIVE AREAS: Our efficient hair removal kit is ideal for your upper lip, eyebrows, cheek etc. Suitable for sensitive skin and delicate facial areas, also is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.
  • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE & LAST 4 WEEKS: Ensures soft skin, great for both fine & coarse hairs, even the finest ones! Hot wax could grab and remove hair from the root, so remain smooth & hair-free for up to 4 weeks! Saves your time and money.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy as 1-2-3, melt with microwave oven for a few minutes, apply a thin coat, then peel off to remove unwanted hair. Compatible with any hard wax warmer as well.
  • NO HARM TO SKIN & PAINLESS: Updated 2018 formula with natural ingredients, high performance and gentle to the skin. Painless application compare to traditional facial wax straps. No wax residues left on your skin.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: For whatever reason you don’t love our wax, let us know, we will give you a full refund or send you a replacement, no questions asked. So buy with confidence!


Anonymous says:

Goodbye unwanted hair I do not think there is such thing as a comfortable waxing experience, but these were not too painful. It effectively removed the unwanted hair above my lip. Make sure you press and rub over the full strip before you pull. Also pull the skin taught to get better results.

Anonymous says:

Great for a clean sleek look! I like how this product came with beeswax. The wax kits had great packaging and I have gotten plenty of use out of this kit. It is super easy to use and works great for unwanted facial hair! I use this on my eyebrows and I also fix up my friends eyebrows and lip hair , etc. thank you for a great product !!

Anonymous says:

Wax your face This is one of many wax kits I have tried. I can say that this one is about as painless as it gets. I use this on my face for fine hairs. It’s amazing how many hairs come off that no one even sees on my face! Eyebrow shaping, no problem. Mustache and sideburns, no more. No excessive irritation afterward but make sure you moisturize after waxing.

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