Glenor Co Makeup Organizer – Extra Large Exquisite Case w Modern Closure, 4 Drawer Trays & Full Mirror – Huge Cosmetic Storage Jewelry Box for Dresser, Counter-top & Vanity – PU Leather – Black

June 3, 2019 - Comment
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How does your dresser look after you do your makeup?

Like it was hit by a tornado after a category 5 hurricane right after a massive thunderstorm?
We get it. That’s the struggle of life.
But guess what? Your struggle could be history now.

This Glenor Co makeup case will hold all of your makeup so beautifully organized and out of sight that you will finally be able to see the bottom of the dresser counter again! And with your makeup out of sight and neatly tucked into this beautiful box you can make them all think you woke up like this…
This is how this beautiful makeup case will save you from a Makeup Hurricane disaster:

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Product Features

  • OUT OF SIGHT: No-one wants to see their multicolored jumble of makeup on their dresser/ vanity counter at all times. This makeup case closes completely , hiding all of your makeup so all you see on your dresser is this gorgeous box.
  • ALL IN ONE PLACE: Get rid of all your little makeup bags and cases that are cluttering your drawers and are all over the place. Instead keep ALL of your makeup in this large beautiful box. You will see your entire makeup collection at a glance so doing your makeup will take half the time. Turn every frantic morning into an easy calm one.
  • A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING: We put a LOT of thought into each compartment to give you the perfect space for every type of makeup. It will be so easy to find what you want and keep it organized, even the messiest of humans will have a hard time messing this up.
  • ELEGANT DRESSER ACCENT: This makeup box is beautiful, modern and sophisticated. It will look so good on your dresser/counter, even your interior designer would highly approve.
  • MAKEUP ADDICT’S DREAM GIFT: If you know of a makeup addict and you happen to like (or love) them, giving this makeup case as a gift will most likely get you onto ‘The Husband, Dad, Mom , Daughter, Sibling , or Friend of the Year’ list. Already packaged in an elegant gift box, this gift is the easiest gift to give as well. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 11 Inches x 11 Inches x 7 ¼ Inches


Anonymous says:

Did come damaged but was easily fixable and overall very happy with it! So before I bought this I had one of those glitterly boxes with the little trays that lift out. It was nice when i was in college because it was easy to juat close and lock and take on the go, but now living back at home and having more make up than before I wanted an actual makeup organizer rather than storage box. I was looking for a long time before I can across this one. I wanted an organizer with drawers but was not a fan of the clear plastic looking ones. Nothing stood out until i saw…

Anonymous says:

Large and well made!! I LOVE this make-up organizer. It is extremely well made and large in size. I don’t have a ton of makeup but a decent amount and it all fits in this organizer. I have probably 15 brushes in the top. Sponges fit in the bottom drawer along with bottles of foundation. Several eyeshadow pallets will fit in one of the pull out drawers. I for sure would recommend this organizer and buy it again if ever needed. Just now, it is large; it will take up a decent amount of your countertop….be sure…

Anonymous says:

Elegant and well made. I have a Glenor Jewelry box so I wanted it to match. I didn’t like the see through make-up organizers out there. I wasn’t sure if the drawers would be large or tall enough but this organizer fits a lot. Keeps my make-up hidden the way I like it.

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