Lofan Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine System Aqua Spa Cleanse With Far Infrared Belt, Ion Cleanse Array

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Why choose our lofan foot bath spa detox machine ?

Headache Relief – Assists in clearing up headache problems.
Slows down aging and improves body flexibility.
Rejuvenates and energizes your whole body.
Help with Faster Recovery Time for Disease and Injury.
Reduces Inflammation and Unwanted Fluid Retention.
Unit weight:6.0KG
Unit volume:40cm x 26cm x 14cm
Carton weight:22KG ( 4 units)
Carton volume: 65cm x 44cm x 32cm ( 4units)
Voltage: 110V-240V
Current: 0.7—2.8A
Power: 60W
[1]. All positive polarity, expels acidity substance and raises PH levels.
[2]. All negative polarity, expels heavy metals and lowers PH levels.
[3]. (70%+)(30%-)Expels acidity and heavy metals, increases PH levels. It is the most popular, suitable for most people.
[4]. (15+)(10-)(5+) Expels acidity and heavy metals, raises PH levels, suitable for all kinds of physicals.
[5]. (10-)(15+)(-5) Expels heavy metals and acidity, maintain PH level, appropriate for all kinds of physicals.
How to use it?
1. Pour the water into the tub, keep the water covers your ankles. Put 0.5-0.7 Ounce salt into the water. Then mix them well.
2. Hook up the power cord to the main machine and press the switch.
3. Connect the ion array to the main machine and put the ion array into the water.
4. Connect the wrist strap to the main machine and tighten it on your wrist.(Note: Please put a drop of water at the paster of the wrist band before you tighten it)
5. Put your feet into water, press ENT to start, after you finished detoxing, press ESC, the machine will be OFF.
6. Connect the belt to the main machine and wears the belt.
7. Regulate the mode (L M H), then press the upper waist belt power button ON/OFF to begin the belt function.

Product Features

  • Function: Our premium upgraded foot detox machine could help with Faster Recovery Time for Disease and Injury,Increase Your Energy,Enhances Nutrient Absorption,Improved Sleep,Makes your body corculation more better than normall
  • Advanatage:This foot spa bath with high technology in FIR belt,more effective and powerful. More energy —–can go up to 90ÂșC within 5 minutes, and give out more rays than normal belt; more safe —–100% covered with silver insulation material; belt is longer than others”
  • Modes: Our detox foot bath is made of Aluminum and black leather, solid carrying case with large dual LCD display, There are five modes you can adjust by your requirments,(70%+)(30%-)Expels acidity and heavy metals, increases PH levels. It is the most popular, suitable for most people
  • What you get: Through this foot bath detox machine, you will get healthy body and good sleep, smart brain, happy mood, and Helps Balance Immune System
  • 1 Year Warranty: Lofan offers 1 year warranty for this ionic foot detox machine if you are not very satisfied with our ion foot detox machine, pls feel free to contact with us, we will solve your problem in 24 hours


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