Made For YOU by BIC Shaving Razor Blades for Men & Women, with 2 Cartridge Refills – 5-Blade Razors for a Smooth Close Shave & Hair Removal, TEAL

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The “Made For YOU” Shaving Razor provides a long-lasting smooth close shave.

When it comes to shaving, it’s important to have a comfortable, flexible system that works for you – all at an affordable and convenient price. The Made For YOU shaving set from BIC provides everything needed to ensure a close shave while offering a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Our premiere shaving system will allow easy contouring over your face and parts of the body.

Included in the pack are 2 replaceable razor heads, featuring 5 flexible blades for ultra-smooth shave and precision. The cartridges come equipped with a lubrication strip with Aloe and Vitamin E. Additionally, there is an edging blade to reach tricky areas like sideburns and bikini lines. Men and women alike will be able to enjoy a clean, fresh shave, every time.

Product Details:
(1) Metal Handle
(2) Blade Refills

Product Features

  • PREMIUM SHAVING SYSTEM: The Made For YOU shaving kit from BIC is a premium razor made for both men and women, designed to shave your face and parts of the body. This grooming accessory has everything needed for a long-lasting smooth shave.
  • ERGONOMIC, COMFORTABLE HANDLE: This set of razors features a high-quality, non-slip metal handle that has a textured grip for added control at any angle. The pivoting head adapts to the contours of your skin, face, legs, chest, underarms and other areas.
  • FIVE FLEXIBLE BLADES: Each razor features 5 flexible blades for an extra-close fresh shave, leaving skin sleek and smooth. The blades are easy-to-rinse and feature a lubrication strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for smooth glide.
  • SENSITIVE AREAS: Each razor has an edging blade that is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and places that need careful precision (like sideburns, under nose, and bikini lines). Our blades are also good for fine, thick, or coarse hair.
  • LONG-LASTING CONVENIENCE: Each Made For YOU shaving system provides an ultra-close shave to help you maintain your desired look and feel.


Anonymous says:

Outstanding razor! My husband, being a big Bic 5 disposable razor fan, says that if he ever changes to a non-disposable, this will be his go to.He states:*It’s ergonomically correct. Feels comfortable in hand.*It’s Light yet substantial. Perfect weight.*He really likes the metal handle. Even though there are no grips, it feels comfortable in hand.*The five-bladed cartridge gives the most comfortable and close shave that you can imagine.*He loves sideburn razor on the top…

Anonymous says:

5 blades and a unique, edging blade This BIC Made For You Men’s/Women’s 5-Blade Razor System features a 5 blade cartridge that has a unique, edging blade.So you get the handle and two cartridges in this starter kit. The cartridges snap on and off by pressing the round, silver ball. The handle is made of black plastic with a silver, metal, skin on top and a rubberized grip on the bottom. It’s got a suitable amount of heft. The blade pivots easily to go over chins and ankles and knees with ease. There is a lubricating…

Anonymous says:

Loved this razor – great value. I stumbled on this product as an avid bic user. I was so happy I found this and impressed with the high quality razor. The handle was very comfortable and easy to grip and the blades felt as high quality as any other razor I have used. I have now shaved 4 times with the razor and it still feels new… my legs and armpits feel great and I continue to get a close shave. I feel like the blades will last me a long time, which is great.I also loved the packaging that it came in…

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