Make up Brushes, VANDER LIFE 32pcs Premium Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set for Foundation Blending Blush Concealer Eye Shadow, Cruelty-Free Synthetic Fiber Bristles, Travel Makeup bag Included, Black

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Product description
Size:32PCS Black
Makeup brush set, 32 pcs Face Makeup Brushes Makeup Brush Set
Contained within a luxurious, chic brush wrap bag,32 Piece Master Studio Brush Set ensures that anyone and everyone can become a masterful makeup artist by providing all of the possible beauty tools. Crafted using incredible materials, including Black Wood for the matte handle and polished Chrome Ferrule, this unique set guarantees full creative control, allowing experimentation and artistry to flair.
With 32 pieces different makeup brushes, each specially designed to tackle specific areas of the complexion, 32 Piece Master Studio Brush Set magnificently caresses the face whilst simultaneously creating a flawless finish to any look. Graceful, sumptuous and refined, this collection would make an incredible addition to any beauty addict’s dressing table.
Become studio-ready with this revolutionary set of professional makeup brushes set from Vander.

How to clear the bad smell of New brush:

1.wash the brushes with white vinegar atfirst.
2.Then wash it again with baby shampoo assecond time.
3.Leave it on the shadows and after thatthe smell gone.

Package included:

1x 32pcs makeup brush set
1x Case bag

Product Features

  • PREMIUM SYNTHETIC MAKEUP BRUSHES – Made with soft Cruelty-Free Synthetic and Dense synthetic fibers no skin hurting,suitable for even the most sensitive skin, to provide a high definition finish with liquid, powders or cream foundation without any absorption of product and no shedding.
  • COMPLETE SET OF ESSENTIAL MAKEUP BRUSHES FOR makeup lovers from professional to amateur level. Essential brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to produce a beautiful face and eye makeup application.
  • VERSATILE BRUSH SET – Cover all size and shape of brushes to carve and sculpt the face for flawless dimension. Meeting all your needs with different shapes face brushes.
  • Portable Case Bag Design – Makeup Brush set accompany with you from home to travel.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY and 100% money back guarantee. Buy with confidence and you will love it.If you have any problem , feel free to contact us.


Anonymous says:

They stink and they’re small Okay, so I’ve barely received them today. I can say right off the bat that as soon as I opened the package, there was a really strong smell coming from the brush set. It smells like new flip flops from Old Navy lol. I’m hoping that by the time I start using the brushes, the smell has worn off. I don’t want to be using these on my face and then my face smells odd. I’m so far airing them out in these cup looking things that have crystals on them in a bed of marbles to elevate them in the cups…

Anonymous says:

Great product. Good feel. Great product. Brushes have a nice feel. I ordered the black color and it looks great. Packaging was great and shipment was fast. It does have a chemical smell to it but from what i read a shampoo wash will get that smell out.

Anonymous says:

Good value if you’re not too picky about make-up brushes Look…you can’t buy a set of 32 brushes for $7 and expect to receive a super high-end product. However, these brushes are perfectly usable. The bristles on some of the brushes remind a little bit of what you find with craft brushes, but they are soft and fairly dense and they do a decent job.I bought this set for my daughter because she does stage make-up for the students in her high school plays, and let’s be honest…the price is right for this type of use. There are enough brushes…

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