Masirs Electric Callus Remover Refills – Three Coarse and Three Fine Buffer Rollers will Effortlessly Remove Callused Skin and Reveal Smooth Soft Skin. Get Pedicure Spa Quality Results. (Set of 6)

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Continue enjoying Masirs’ Electric Callus Remover with this pack of replacement rollers. Made from quartz micro mineral crystals, the rollers are both durable and comforting to the skin. Remove hard callused skin quickly and effortlessly. No more endless scrubbing with pumice stones or rough tools; now you can get great fast results while being gentle to your skin. Rough skin will easily fall away exposing baby-soft skin in minutes. Powerful and professional, the Masirs’ Electric Callus Remover will save you both time and money as well, so you can pamper your feet without draining your wallet. Achieve an expert pedicure effect whenever you like, but without the high costs. Designed for long-term use, its rechargeable battery can be charged 1000 times and used for 45 minutes continuously from a single charge. Masirs’ Electric Callus Remover can be charged both at the wall outlet and from a USB port, enabling you to recharge it wherever you may be. Three coarse rollers and three fine rollers are included in this refill pack.

Product Features

  • CALLUS REMOVER REFILLS: Continue enjoying your Masirs’ Electric Callus Remover with this roller refill pack.
  • CONTAINS TWO GRADES OF ROLLERS: Three coarse and three fine rollers included.
  • LONG LASTING AND COMFORTABLE: Durable rollers made from quartz micro mineral crystals.
  • SPA QUALITY RESULTS: Remove hard callused skin effortlessly revealing new smooth soft skin.
  • SAVE MONEY: Get professional pedicure results whenever you like, but without the costs.


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