Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair Recliner with Stretched mode Heating back and Foot Rollers Massage Therapy (Brown)

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8-Point Smart-Massage System
For the first time ever, we’ve designed a chair that simultaneously delivers tapping, rolling and kneading back massage. The N500 features an 8-roller smart-massage system that automatically matches the contours of your back and adapts to the shape of your body, providing a massage customized just for you. The chair’s built-in air massage works together with the 8-point system to deliver a true full-body massage that will leave you smiling in bliss as your stress and pain melt away.
Zero-Gravity Technology
Stress is a major cause of pain and discomfort in the body, and gravity is one stressor that is constantly taking a toll on your body. The Massage Chair helps you fight back by incorporating zero-gravity technology to position your body in a way that reduces the effects of gravity on your spine. This precise positioning helps you feel more weightless, stress-free, and energized both during and after your massage has finished.
Acupuncture-Inspired Foot Roller System
Located at the bottom of each footrest, foot rollers stimulate specific acupuncture points on your feet which help to relieve muscle tension and stress from your body. The automatic air massage system works at the same time to apply gentle downward pressure on your lower legs to generate the most relaxing, deepest massage possible.
Soothing Heat
Heat therapy dilates blood vessels, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients and helps to heal damaged tissue. The N500 full body massage chair combines soothing heat with cutting edge massage to both relieve and renew your aching, sore muscles.
Massage chair is delivered in three packages: Seat, Armrest and Backrest. Occasionally the packages are delivered separately, so please allow an extra day or two after the delivery of the first box for the arrival of the rest of your packages.

Product Features

  • Intimate design : This zero gravity massage chair is ergonomics designed, in bright color, made of eco-friendly material. Easily operation in one hand with remove control, 3 massage stages in 3 levels strength and speed control, fixed roller on the trigger point to massage, reducing stress and pain for arm and calf part
  • Triggered point massage :According to the acupoint massage,8 massage rollers inside the backrest and foot rollers function, 56 air bags placed all over the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs, offer you full body massage. Make you feel real sense of relaxation!
  • Zero Gravity : Make you feel virtually weightless real relax physically and mentally, simply press the Zero Gravity button. Zero Gravity in armrest linkage system design, rollers in armrest keeps pace with backrest part, when it ascends or descends.
  • Build-up health : Are you suffering from sore muscles, headache, anxiety, back and neck pain, or just need some time to relax? Then you had better get a massage. A massage is one of the best ways to release from stress, tension, headaches, and sore muscles, making you relaxed and peace.
  • Warranty Service : we offer 3 Years Manufacturing Warranty,it can hold up to 6.25ft and 380lb. FDA approved. Due to the high shipping cost and the large size , we don’t accept any return if there is no quality issue. If you would like to return it because you have changed your mind, the buyer should pay for the return shipping. Thanks for your understanding in advance.


Anonymous says:

Entire family enjoys the chair! My whole family now enjoys using this chair from time to time. This chair has many options and auto programs to find just the right massage needs for each person. We are still getting used to this as it is the first one we have ever had. My previously reluctant family members now are very glad we purchased this chair. For the price you get top end performance!!

Anonymous says:

Great Experience It’s absolutely amazing you can not go wrong. My husband and I are extremely happy with this chair. This is a fairly heavy solid sitting chair that mechanically function great. We love the features that allow us to customize our massages. Very helpful with my circulation problems in my legs. This chair gives you a very deeps massage., actually, a little too strong on the lower back for me but I placed a foam between the rollers and my lower back and it helped make it feel just right.

Anonymous says:

Exceeded my expectations! I love this chair! The chair exceeded my expectations. I wanted the chair in my home office which has a bedroom size door frame. When looking at chairs to purchase so many of the chairs would not fit. The remote was simple not complicated and was very intuitive. I am 5’2″ and it fits my body, and my friend is 6′ and it fit his body.Since my review is so positive I do want to mention in no way have I been compensated for this review. The chair is really that good and I felt it was worth…

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