Massage Imperial® Deluxe Lightweight Purple 3-Section Portable Massage Table Couch Bed Reiki

April 17, 2019 - Comment
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The Chalfont portable massage table by Massage Imperial has fantastic, outstanding, awesome build quality!!! Premium features include a special designed adjustable backrest, Side arm extenders, forward arm shelf, integrated face portal and an adjustable/removable deluxe face cradle. Made of German Beech with a sturdy structure, means it has a massive working weight capacity of 273kg (600lbs) but only weighs 35 lbs. (table weight only). Made from the finest, softest PU Leather, the oil and water proof surface are wonderfully soft and easy to clean. Don’t buy a table without Reiki end plates. Reiki end plates are an open arch. If you going to be doing more sitting work at the feet or head, are tall or short, this will help you to fit your legs under the table and it makes it easier to shift to one side or the other. The standard end plates on a massage table have a sort of decorative cross-piece, which gives more stability, in poorer, inferior, quality tables, please see image 7.


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