Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water, Micellar Water Cleanser for Baby, 10.14 Fl Oz

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Quick and Easy Cleanups
Mustela’s No-Rinse Cleansing Water is the ideal solution for quick and easy cleanups. Because there’s no rinsing involved, Mustela’s micellar water cleanser is perfect for in-between bath time, travel, and on-the-go.

Simply apply our Cleansing Water to your baby’s skin using a soft cloth, cotton ball, cotton pad, or diaper wipe. Pat dry if necessary and your baby’s skin will be clean, healthy, and protected. No rinsing or rubbing required.

Gentle And Effective For Newborns, Babies, And Toddlers
Mustela’s No-Rinse Cleansing Water thoroughly and gently cleans your baby’s face, body, and diaper area while softening the skin. It dissolves dirt and impurities to cleanse skin like a baby wash without stripping your baby’s skin of its natural oils.

Our micellar water is gentle enough to use on newborns, can help treat baby acne, and makes an effective cleansing water for toddlers and older children.

As an added benefit, Mustela’s No-Rinse Cleansing Water is delicately scented to refresh skin while delighting your baby’s senses.

Composed of 98% Plant-Based Ingredients
Mustela’s 98% plant-based biodegradable formula contains natural ingredients, like Avocado Perseose to help protect your baby’s delicate skin and Aloe Vera leaf extract to soften, smooth, and soothe.

Mustela’s No-Rinse Cleansing Water is good for your baby and won’t harm the environment.

Proven Safe
When you use Mustela’s No-Rinse Cleansing Water on your child, you can rest assured that it is:

Paraben-freePhthalate-freePhenoxyethanol-freeHypoallergenic: specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactionsTested under pediatric and dermatological control

In addition to being safe, our No-Rinse Cleansing Water is travel-friendly, so it’s perfect for keeping your little one’s skin clean, soft, and hydrated no matter where the day takes you.

Product Features

  • Gently cleans baby’s face, body and diaper area.
  • Micellar water that dissolves dirt and impurities to cleanse skin.
  • Gentle enough to use on newborns.
  • 98% plant-based ingredients
  • Paraben, Phthalate and Phenoxyethanol free; Hypoallergenic.


Anonymous says:

Use a travel size spray bottle instea of pump!! This stuff is pricey and I noticed that within a week of using the pump it was down quite a bit. A lot of liquid comes out and it would even drip out of my hand/baby wipe.TIP #1: I went to cvs and in the travel aisle found a clear 3oz. spray bottle (tip: paint the small clear cap with a bight nail polish color or sharpie or it WILL get lost While you change baby or your baby might grab it and put in his mouth. Have a visual of it at all times!) I filled it up with mustela and WOW what a…

Anonymous says:

Works great but drys out skin My 4 week old had horrible baby acne and after 1 week she is pretty much cleared up. 4 stars because it does dry the skin out quite a bit so I was using this and then using baby dove sensitive moisture lotion

Anonymous says:

Working for us with combination of cool water an hour later I can echo all of the baby acne concerns below. My little girl was born with perfectly pink, healthy skin that felt smooth and was all things new baby skin is expected to be; even our pediatrician commented on how nice her skin was. Then week 3 came along and it seemed like overnight my baby had a face full of acne which spread under her chin to her chest, shoulders, and back. My first had some millia but never acne. I tried to let it go as recommended and just clean it with warm water but it…

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