Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3600 with Click-On Stubble Guard, S3560/88

January 3, 2019 - Comment
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Shaver 3600 is a convenient 2-in-one tool for a clean shave or a 3-day stubble look. Its 4-direction flex heads and ComfortCut Blade System guarantee a smooth shave while the click-on stubble guard assures an easy, even trim with less mess.

Product Features

  • Get a clean shave or use with click-on stubble guard to create a 3-day stubble look
  • ComfortCut Blade System’s rounded edges move smoothly over skin for a protective shave
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve of your face and neck
  • Shave wet or dry. Maximum voltage is 100-240 V and the stand by power is 0.1 watts
  • Trim sideburns or detail any facial hairstyle with the pop-up trimmer


Anonymous says:

This is the best of all of the shavers I have owned I have shaved with a dry electric razor for more than 65 years. This is the best of all of the shavers I have owned. It not only gives a smooth shave, it has a pop-out sideburn trimmer. The on/off button is positioned well so it is rare that one accidentally shuts off the shaver. Cleaning is easy, as is changing the shaving heads. I paid less for this shaver than the two previous ones I have purchased in the past 15 years.

Anonymous says:

LADIES: Great for shaving legs and bikini areas! I’ve been using these types of shavers to shave my legs for years now. They are the only razor-blade-free option that works for me. The quality of the pop-up trimmer is vital for me, because I use it on my bikini and underarms. I can happily report that these types of Norelco pop-up shavers faithfully *never* cut my skin, unlike other women’s shavers specifically meant for bikini areas. Those things would make me bleed every time. I always came back to these men’s shavers because they’re…

Anonymous says:

Def. a MUST BUY… great USE and much more Excellent Shaver!! The stubble guard lets me have some stubble for some weeks when I don’t feel like shaving at all and I can just use the shaver once a week to do a quick trim and its short enough to shave right after if need be. Def. worth the money and I couldn’t find another stubble guard that is perfect length like this one!!.. Another nice function is the wet shave option. Now I can just use my shaving cream and brush real fast and then use this shaver and not worry about cutting myself…

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