Premium Jade Roller and Gua Sha Therapy Tools,100% Natural Xiuyan Jade Stone,Double Neck Healing Slimming Massager for Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Puffy Eyes, Boost Collagen and More

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Life is short, so you should do what you can to make yourself more beautiful. Are you tired of using so many cosmetics to work on the wrinkles, dark patches and dry skin on your face, which just don’t solve these problems?

Then try a thousand year old physical skin care method from China, a jade roller and face scraper. It is pure and natural, suitable for all kinds of skin, including allergic skin.

Jade has been used by powerful & rich Asian women for thousands of years in China to even out the skin tone, reduce wrinkles, tighten loose skin, enhance the functioning of your lymph nodes, and give your face an uplift to leave your skin glowing & healthy!

You deserve it.You are guaranteed beautiful, radiant skin after every use.

Our jade roller massager features a double-sided design that makes it a lot easier to use. It has a large stone that is perfect for massaging large skin areas like the face, forehead, and neck, and a smaller stone that is perfect for the canthus, nose, angulus oris and other hard to reach areas.

In many similar products, the frames tend to break easily, so we have updated the material used in our frame. Our selected stainless steel won’t easily rust, is easy to clean, and is long lasting and strong.

Why Should I Add This Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool To My Daily Routine?

reduce fine line

minimize enlarged pores

stimulate collagen production

minimize toxic build up

increase absorption of your daily face products

boost elastin & improves blood circulation

tighten your skin to give you a bright youthful glow

Note:Due to natural formation in the stone, each jade roller and gua sha will be unique and vary in size and color.

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Product Features

  • 100% pure Jade: Natural, safe even with hypersensitive skin.
  • Reduces eye swelling: Promotes the synthesis of collagen in your face and keeps your lymph glands clear, thus keeping your face smoother and giving you more of what you want.
  • Double head design: Two sizes of roller, which ensures that even the smallest parts of the face can be massaged.
  • Upgraded stainless steel metal frame: Long lasting and strong.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee:If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase within 60 days, let us know and we’ll refund your entire purchase price.


Anonymous says:

Happily surprised! I would never have thought I would love this product so much. Seriously. I bought it on a whim (and probably fueled by a little wine drinking), but I love it. It really helps with bringing the circulation to the surface and with toning. And it’s much safer than the rollers with needles, which you really have to clean well to make sure you don’t break out or get an infection. Love it!

Anonymous says:

It works I already use crystals so getting this was a no brainer. It does work. This little tool is one of favorite part of my skincare routine. My face glows and look so alive when I use this.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful Amethyst Roller The roller was packed in a nice box and it’s very pretty. Look at those dreamy purples.I’ve bought quite a few rollers and this one does not squeak as I was using it so far which is pretty awesome.Also, try rolling both side of the face/neck at the same time (two rollers are needed to complete this task), it feels amazing! 😀

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