Source One Acrylic Safety Mirror Sheet Great for Classroom Camping Fun House – Shatter Resistant

January 25, 2019 - Comment
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Source One Deluxe Acrylic safety Mirror

Product Features

  • 12×24 Inch
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Deluxe Acrylic Mirror , Rounded Corners
  • Great for Classrooms , RestRooms
  • Camping , Fun House Effects


Anonymous says:

Very nice plastic mirror, but watch out for possible sharp edges if using it around kids Very happy with this mirror for the baby’s play space. Rounded corners, clear reflections, and much less distortion than most “baby” mirrors. It’s not a perfect reflection like a high-quality glass mirror would be, especially near the edges, but for a plastic mirror, it’s great.Also, even though the corners are rounded, the front edge of the mirror was a bit sharp like other reviewers have mentioned. It felt kind of like a tiny plastic lip, just enough to catch your…

Anonymous says:

Perfect for toddler I got the 8×10 mirror to put on the wall In front of my son at his little toddler table. Seeing himself has really helped improve his aim with his utensil usage and he really loved seeing himself. I mounted out with command Velcro like strips and even on a textured wall it’s perfectly secure. The mirror has no sharp edges and rounded corners and is not bendable. I love it!

Anonymous says:

Clear Crystal-clear! The further out you move away from the mirror, images might get distorted. But close up I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

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