Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain Mini Portable Aromatherapy Aroma Fragrance Humidifier Air Freshener for Vehicle Office Travel Home

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Syntus D50L USB Essential Oil Diffuser

* It works as an electric car air refresher removes unwanted odors wherever they hide while leaving behind a pleasant, new car scent that lasts for weeks. It permanently removes foul smells like cigarette smoke, wet dog, workout gear and more.
* Neat little diffuser meant to be portable and space-saving. It adopts silent ultrasound vibrations to mist your choice of pure, therapeutic-grade essential Oil essences throughout the room.  The mist output is a cool mist, so it’s also safe for pets and kids. No risk of getting scalded. 
* It has a LED nightlight feature. Not bright enough to light a room. Set to cycle through all the colors continually or you can set it to the color that you like. The whole machine when the mist and the light is going is very quiet, Place this diffuser by your bedside with no problem.


Max Water Capacity: 50ml
Misting Output: 15ml/h
Power Consumption: 6±0.5W 
Compatible Adapter: DC5V  1000mA;DC PLUG: ¢3.5*2.1*12mm
Cable Length: 110cm
Size: 7*7*13cm
Weight: 139g


1. Package comes with a usb cable. If using in the car, please use 5V 1A usb adapter. If using with laptop, please use with USB3.0 Port.
2. Diffuser will automatically shuts off when water level is low. ( water may pours out and diffuser may auto shuts off when making a sudden stop while driving )
3. Do not Add water more than 50ml MAX line.

Package Included

1* Syntus USB Oil Diffuser
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual

Product Features

  • Perfect Car Bag Alternative: Add few drops of essential oil, it effectively covers up odor, allergen and harmful pollutant and brings fresh scent.
  • USB Powered: Use with 5V 1A car adapter, laptop or power bank. Easy to be taken everywhere around with you.
  • Remarkably Compact: 2.8*2.8*5.3 inches. Fits in vehicle cup holder, space-saving to be put on office or home desktop.
  • 2 Misting Modes: Continuous/Intermittent mist mode. On/Off on the top, handy to operate in vehicle.
  • 7 Color Mood Light: Relieve stress while driving, set the atmosphere by selecting fixed color or simply rotate through 7 colors.


Anonymous says:

Just like it looks Length:: 1:32 Mins I’m a Rideshare driver and I like to keep my car smelling good and I thought I’d give this a try I just got it in the mail today plugged it in and it works wonderful smells great with the oil that I put in it and I’m hoping it’ll be hit with my riders, and maybe make me some tip money as well as keeping my car fresh. I just hope no one’s allergic to the essential oils that I put in it. Update… my Riders love it!! Everyone’s asking me where I got…

Anonymous says:

Broke after a week/ they gave full replacement! Received product and setup….used in the truck for about a week with no issues. I was pleased with it but then it stopped steaming and I followed the troubleshooting guide…make sure there was enough water, not too much water, checked power cord etc. Unfortunately after about a week it would not work. I was out of town for about 3 weeks after and I just got online to get return information and missed the return date of April 5. Very disappointing! I’d love to get return authorization and…

Anonymous says:

Great size for office desk or car I ordered this for my husband’s office. It is just the right size to sit on his desk. I like that it can be used in the car also. Because of that, I chose this diffuser since the on/off buttons are on the top of the unit instead of at the bottom, making access to them very easy when sitting in a car cup holder.Some of my concerns when reading the reviews before I purchased it, were alleviated when I received the diffuser and read the instructions. First, some of the reviewers said…

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