Toenail Clippers for Elderly,Toe Nail Clippers Used for Thick Toenails 、Fungi Toenails 、Ingrown Toenails. Long Handle, Leather Packaging, Safe Storage

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Are you or your elder members in your family disturbed by the following problems? Thick nails, paronychia, ingrown toenail fungus, nail deformation, dead skin calluses nails, trimming nails inconveniently due to arthritis ……

However, by the use of traditional nail clippers with small handle and narrow opening, the ingrown nails can not be trimmed and the thick toenail can’t be put into it. It is not easy to clean and causes infection…

It is not easy to trim too thick nails. The deformed and ingrown nails will be painful and inflamed. With RONAVO ingrown toenail tool , when the ingrown tail become a little bit painful, use the stainless steel toenail clippers to trim the sides of the nails to prevent from hurting the skin due to the long nails and relieve from the pain of being trimmed again.

How to use:

1. Before using RONAVO thick toenail clippers to trim nails, soak the nails with warm water for 5 minutes, softened nails are easier to trim

2. Fit the inner edge of the curved nail clippers into the nails, and trim the middle of the toenails with the middle of the nail clippers

3. Finally, place the tip of toenail clipper along the nails, pick a little toenails, and adjust the area to be trimmed.

4. After use, ensure the ingrown toenail tool are clean, and avoid cross-infection of fungi. It is recommended to use alcohol to wipe the nail clippers jaws and keep it into the leather case.

Labor-saving nail clippers, perfect gift for elders: As parents are getting old, please send them caring nail clippers, just as we accompany them to grow old. When we hold the pair of old hands and cut thick nails under afternoon sunlight, when getting close to the elders, they are happy like children. RONAVO nail clippers covey love to family members. A good choice for children, and perfect for parents to experience.

Product Features

  • ☆Thick toenail clipper : The Nails Of The Elderly Are Thickening, Deforming, Pathologically Changing. Ronavo Toenail Clipper Are Dedicated To Solving The Ingrown Toenail Treatment Problems For The Elderly. With 4cr13 Heavy Stainless Steel Forging, High Wear Resistance, Higher Hardness, 0.32in Large Opening Size, It Can Be Easily Put Into Nails, And Quickly Cut The Disturbing Thick Toenails.
  • ☆As The Elderly Get Older, Their Joints Are No Longer Flexible, And It Is More Difficult For Them To Bend Nail Clippers To Trim Toenails. Ronavo Toenail Clippers Are Designed With A Large Handle, Selecting Non-slip Tpr Material, With Non-slip Recessed Design With Comfortable Grip. Trim Nails Easily Without Bending, And Bring You A Happy Mood.
  • ☆Toenail Clippers For Elderly With Oblique Design Deepens Into The Side Of The Nail, Ingrown Toenail Clippers Safely Entering The Narrow Space To Cut The Ingrown Nails Precisely And Easily And Improve The Ingrown toenail fungus.
  • ☆With The Product Upgraded, The Second Generation Of The Product Is Designed With Built-in Spring, Reducing The Use Of Steps, While Prolonging Service Life Of Ingrown Toenail Clippers.
  • ☆Toenail Clipper Contains A Leather Case, Protecting The Tweezers From Dulling And Keeping Conveniently.


Anonymous says:

Great for those with tough nails and dexterity issues The soft grip of these made it much easier to use on thick toenails. Did not have to apply extra pressure as I had on other clippers. They come with a little leatherette case which is great for travel and/or storage.

Anonymous says:

Awkward for arthritic senior hands Using regular clippers has become impossible for my hubby due to arthritis & residual effects of carpal tunnel surgery. I ordered these in hopes he will be able to clip his nails the way he is accustomed to. 4 stars because he says they are awkward, not your run of the mill clippers but I feel after a period of adjustment he will be happy with them.It’s important, the little things, which help an individual keep their independence no matter how small. Little things mean a lot.

Anonymous says:

These work really well—much better than any other I’ve purchased. Everything in the features write up by the seller is accurate—these are sharper than other similar-looking clippers for thick toe nails, and the way the blades are turned let you see how much nail you have between them, so you don’t accidentally cut into the quick. The rubber handle gives a nice grip without slip, and the spring makes sure that once the nail is cut the blades open again on their own. The case that comes with it protects the blades nicely when not in use.

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