Anatomical Toe Separators, Straighteners & Spacers For Fitness and Wellness Use | Correct Your Toes Naturally | Great for Pedicure, Bunion Corrector & Yoga

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Use RelaxTony Daily And Start Seeing Results! Begin wearing RelaxTony for 15 minutes per session and increase up to an hour. At first, you may feel some soreness. Just like with all exercise, that’s normal..

Product Features

  • ALIGN | STRENGTHEN | RESTORE – Wearing RelaxTony Premium Toe Separators regularly will align, strengthen and restore your toes NATURALLY.
  • DESIGNED FOR EFFECTIVENESS – As with any conditioning program, RelaxTony might be uncomfortable at first and this most often means your feet really needs them! It’ll get less uncomfortable overtime and you’ll see that you’re making progress towards recovery
  • WEAR THEM WITH SHOES – Our anatomical toe spacers can be worn barefoot or inside approved footwear so you can relieve footpain while being active!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL – Made of high quality silicone gel which is latex free and washable making it reusable and allergy friendly
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy and try out our Toe Straighteners RISK-FREE. We are so confident our products work that if for any reason you don’t love it as much as we do, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Anonymous says:

Very Comfortable! I’ve been wearing another brand that includes a silicone wrap/band around the big and little toes. These are much easier to put on and wear inside shoes. Very happy with my purchase.

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