BEQOOL Hair Removal kit Wax Warmer Hard Wax Waxing Kit Wax Melts, Wax machine/Wax Electric+ 4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans + 2 mask sticks&12 Wax Applicator Sticks (Magenta)

July 8, 2018 - Comment
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Product Features

  • •Four Different OUR DIFFERENT FLAVOURS WAX BEANS: Purchasing this Wax warm offers 4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans, which Can remove 98% your body hair, like armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other hair which you want to remove , from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, leaving your skin soft and glowing.
  • ••Safe: See-through Cover, Removable Liner Bucket can avoid burning your skin while lifting it. Accelerating the wax melting and preventing the wax contamination by dust.And you can see wax melting process more intuitive. The bucket also helps it easy to clean up the wax without dripping.
  • •Convenient: Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, just takes 8 minutes to melt the hard wax beans. This Wax Electric easy to operate, just need a wax heater pot, and a wooden chip-sticks to apply the wax onto the area you want to deal with. You can do a depilatory at home by yourself and don’t need to go to salon.
  • ••Suitable for Melting any Type of Wax: this Wax machine Includes wax beads, hard wax, soft wax, 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax, microwavable wax and hair wax. Wax Warmer set is so popular among professional esthetician.
  • •Wax Kit Includes: Wax Warmer 500 ml (1 unit), Wooden Spatulas / Applicators (12 pieces+2 mask sticks), 4 packs of different favor hard wax beans (milk, Lavender, Blackcurrant and Rose)


Darla Tascott says:

Amazing! Total hair removal! Smooth legs! Just got today and could not wait to try out!! I HATE shaving my legs because I always nick myself. I’m so in love with wax!! Totally removes hair and leaves your skin super soft! I can’t wait to see how long the hair stays gone! So glad I made this purchase!

Sara H. says:

I wouldn’t recommend it I like how fast the wax melts and that’s about it.I just received it today and the wax doesn’t take off all the hair at once so I have to keep going back over spots and I thought it would be a quicker way for me to get rid of hair and less often but it’s actually the opposite. I also thought it would save my skin from being red and bleeding a lot from a razor but my skin is very red and splotchy. I’ve tried thicker and thinner strips. Left the wax on longer and shorter. I also tried…

Kmrrma says:

Super easy and convenient! I love the compact size for the wax warmer. The convenience of and I’ll meet you at is amazing. The wax and structures were a little hard to read as it didn’t appear to have 100° temperature setting. However the wax was a perfect temperature and glided on perfectly. Removing the strip from the my skin took a couple tries I realized I was letting the wax cold too much before removing. The removal is easier when the wax is still a little warm to the touch. Overall great product very happy…

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