Blackhead Remover Electric Pore Vacuum Acne Comedone Skin Cleaner Blackhead Removal Comedo Extractor Kit 6 Suction Heads Blackhead USB Rechargeable Beauty Device for Facial Skin Treatment

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❤ Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum – Upgraded Strong Suction Rechargeable Electric Blackheads Removal Tool Pore Cleaner Comedone Acne Pimple Extractor with LCD Dispaly, Unisex

❤  Features:
♥ 1. Easy to use :Turn on the swith/suction control button.The blackhead vacuum remover can easily and quickly suck out the blackhead, clean the pores.
♥ 2.USB Rechargeable : This blackhead remover built-in rechargeable battery can last over 150 minutes on a single charge. USB charging, easy, safe and convenient to use.
♥ 3.Portable & Convenient :USB charging, easy, safe and convenient to use.This blackhead remover enables people to use the device in the family, office, outdoors whenever and wherever they want. 
♥ 4.Muti-function Beauty:This blackhead remover is suitable for a variety of skin types:sensitive,dry,neutral,mixed,oily skin.Cleans up blackhead, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin and fine lines,massage and tighten the skin. 

❤  Attention:
✔1. Please don’t use it if your skin is broken and damaged.
✔2.Before use, please use a hot steamer or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the pores.
✔3.Before using on face, It can be tested on the arm and other skin.Help you choose the right suction.Oil,neutral and dry modes can be selected according to the skin.
✔4.The suction head moves slowly on the skin.Do not stay in the same area for long time.
✔5.After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water to shrink pores.

❤  Package Contents:
1 * Blackhead remover staple
1 * Scrub head
1 * Big round hole head
2 * Small round hole head
2 * Oval hole head
1 * Pack of Sponge Filters
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual

❤ Note: 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Replacement Warranty! If your not completely happy or the product ever breaks.Please contact us, we will assist you soon.

Product Features

  • ❤ Upgraded & Mutil-Function Blackhead Remover : 2019 Upgrade blackhead remover can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, dirt inside pores,grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles .Blackhead Remover gets over everything, firms and Improves your skin elasticity.The vacuum pore cleaner is suitable for all skin types.
  • ❤ Safe and Efective Blackhead Remover : The skin pore vacuum is made of the eco-friendly material ABS.This blackhead remover is adopting vacuum absorption techinique,gently lifting and massaging the skin,sucking out the black head of the pores,grease and dirt,etc.At the same time ,the skin can be tightened and enhanced,making the skin more compact ,smooth and transparant.
  • ❤ 6 Replacement Suction Heads : 6 Probes of blackhead remover to solve different skin problems,leaving the skin soft and soomth.functional suckers for different skin conditions with different suction heads and force to achieve the best results. Cleans up the blackhead, removes dirt grease inside pores, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.
  • ❤ 3 Adjustable Strength Suction Levels : The blackhead remover is designed for 3 levels of strength to meet the various needs of the skin. Level 1 for dry skin and sensitive skin;Level 2 for natural skin;Level 3 for oily and mixed skin.The unique design can effectively, cleans up blackhead, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin etc.LED display is used to check the suction level and battery power.
  • ❤ 100% Money Back Guarantee : We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer.If you are not satisfied with our Blackhead Remover.Just contact us and we can offer a full refund.NO questions asked!


Anonymous says:

love this thing! I absolutely LOVE this product! I get very oily around my t-zone area and constantly get blackheads on my nose that are hard to get rid of. I’ve tried the blackhead remover tool and many face masks to pull the blackheads out but nothing has ever worked. I don’t know how I never heard of this product before! I use it anywhere from 3-4 times per week on the 2 or 3rd setting. I usually use the 3rd setting for the hard to get areas, such as the side cracks of my nose. So much oil and dirt comes out…

Anonymous says:

Works well I have been using this product for about a month. I use it on my freshly cleaned face after a shower because that opens up the pores. In the month that I have used this my blackheads and whitehead have lessened. The problem areas are less shinny because this gets pull out all the grease and gunk. It comes with 4 suction cups of different sizes that attach to it to accommodate all areas of the face, that are removable for cleaning and reusable. This has 5 levels of suction, that can be adjusted…

Anonymous says:

Highly recommend!! This small device is truly amazing!! First of all, it came with nice packaging. There’re four beauty heads with 2 being the same and different area usage for each heads. It’s easy to operate and easy to clean after each use. I go with the lowest level since my skin is a bit sensitive and it works pretty well! It actually sucks out the greasy stuffs on my nose and removed the dead skin cells on my face. You can clearly see your face got smoother and clearer afterwards. Highly Recommended!!

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