Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum [Upgrade 2019], Electric Skin Pore Cleaner Blackhead Vacuum Suction Removal Rechargeable Skin Peeling Machine Comedone Acne Comedo Beauty Device For Nose Face

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Do you lose the confident and feel upset because of the skin problem?

Elovme Blackhead Remover will solve all of these problem!

1⃣ 5 adjustable suction force for different skin condition, suck out the blackheads completely
☛Level 1: for sensitive skin
☛Level 2: for dry skin
☛Level 3: for natural skin
☛Level 4: for oily skin
☛Level 5: for mixed skin
2⃣4 Probes to solve up different skin problems
☛Big Circular Probe: using strong suction to massage, lift and stimulate micro-circulation and blood flow to tighten skin
☛Rolling Massage Probe: remove dead skin cells, and massage to brighten and tender your skin.
☛Small Circular Probe: Can be aimed at blackheads and pimples to help unclog pores and reduce the look of blemishes. Suitable for sensitive skin
☛Oval Probe: Probe with micro pulling effect that smooths areas with fine lines including corners of eyes and mouths. The massage deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating circulation to prevent future wrinkles from forming
3⃣LED display
☛Use time can be set 1-30 minutes
☛Battery allowance
☛Suction force
☛USB charge cable, Wireless Operation, Low noise

How to use?
1)Wash your face to keep it clean and dry
2)Use hot towel or steamer or exporting liquid to open the pore
3)Use it on your hand to know the suction firstly. Remove the machine from up to down on your nose and T-zone.
4)5 minutes later, use cold water to wash your face
5)Apply a mask
6)Apply some nourishing cream to restore your skin

Package included:
1pcs x Electric Blackhead Remover
2 pcs x Oval Probe
2 pcs x Small Hole Probe
2 pcs x Big Hole Proble
1 pcs x Rolling Massage Probe
1 pcs x USB charge cable
1 pcs x User Manual
4 pcs x Filter sponges

Product Features

  • 💝【THE LATEST MULTIFUNCTION PROFESSIONAL BLACKHEAD REMOVER】Electric Skin Pore Cleaners have more powerful suction and deeper clean your skin. It can depth removes the oil, stubborn blackhead and whitehead, make-up residue, grease and acne; it can also increase blood circulation & skin elasticity, exfoliate dead skin, tighten up loose skin, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores. 2-5 weeks later, over 1000+ user test, solve and improve their skin problem , make the skin more radiant.
  • 💝【SAFE, EFECTIVE, PAINLESS BLACKHEAD REMOVER】Our Blackhead Remover Machine uses plasma micro-district discharge technology with low temperatures and high frequencies. This upgraded chip allows for no bleeding, no sensation of being shocked by electricity. Instantly suction without damaging unintended areas. Made of eco-friendly ABS material with elegant and ergonomic design.
  • 💝【6 ADJUSTABLE BLACKHEAD SUCTION FORCE WITH 4 FUNCTIONAL REPLACEABLE SUCTION HEADS】Blackhead Removers use vacuum absorption technique from level1 to level5 suction force, 1~2 mild level is for sensitive and dry skin, 3 middle level is for neutral skin,4 high level is for oily skin and 5 strong level is for mixed skin. It has four functional suction heads for different skin conditions: Cleans up blackhead, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.
  • 💝【RECHARGERABLE, PORTABLE, LED DISPLAY】Donier Blackhead Removal Tool has a built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery of 1000mah capacity, over 180 minutes super long standby time and 2 hours charging time,No need to worry about replacing batteries; Visual LED display, battery allowance and suction force at a glance. Conform to the principles of human body engineering and handhold design, only 130 gram light weight, easy to carry for your home skincare, travels, activities.
  • 💝【 WHY CHOOSE Donier BLACKHEAD REMOVER】Our blackhead vacuum remover facial pore cleaner has more powerful suction, and 5 level suction design for all type of skin. Lifetime worry-free product guarantee which ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your Blackhead remover .We promise you every quality blackhead removal tool and friendly customer service. We are sure it is an amazing gift to your lover!


Anonymous says:

Good product better than I had expected real quality Good product better than I had expected real was a little slow arriving but packaged nicely. I would order again.

Anonymous says:

An absolutely awesome product! This thing holds a ton of business … An absolutely awesome product! This thing holds a ton of business cards and is suitable for man or woman. I am a 42 y/o female and use the card holder at work. Because it is silicon, I truly believe that it will last until I retire in 10 years. I cannot suggest this one enough and no, I am not one of the people who gets free items to review products… this review is truthful.

Anonymous says:

They work GREAT for not only washing the car but for washing … I bought several of these for detailing my auto’s. They work GREAT for not only washing the car but for washing the tires and rims as well. I bought them in several colors so that I am able to dedicate a certain color for each area I am washing. Blue solely for tire and rim washing etc. Great durability and they keep their softness and don’t leave swirl marks in my clear coat etc.

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