Blow Dryer Brush, Electric Hair brush, 2 in 1 Hair Dryers Brush, One Step Hair Dryer And Styler & Volumizerr, Hot Air Brush, Ceramic Brush Blow Dryer Straightener & Curler Brush Reduce Frizz And Knott

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Why Make SeaRoomy Blow Dryer Brush:

 SeaRoomy hot air brush combine a hair dryer and styler for dry, straighten and curler, while at the same time serve multiple uses, cuts drying and styling time by half. Efficient time saves for home salon blowouts. Creates a smooth, silky, natural, shiny appearance. Suitable for any hair and hair texture, hot air brush helps you to easily arrange hair styles at home, making hair smooth and easy to handle.

How to Use SeaRoomy One Step Hair Dryer And Styler:

1. Firstly use towel drying hair to remove excess water for faster and better result.

2. Separate hair into several sections, prepare one step hair dryer brush.

3. Create a fluffy hairstyle, place hair brush close to the roots and brush down toward the ends.

4.For voluminous blowouts, place the hair brush under the hair close to the roots and roll outward to the ends.

5. For curly hair, blow from the root of the hair, turn the comb, roll inward, keep the comb for 7 seconds, pull down to the end of the hair.


Features of the Electric Hot Air Brush :

★360°Airflow Vents for Heat Distribution and Faster Dry

★Frizz Free Salon Blowouts in Up to Half the Time

★Negative Ions, Smooth and Make Hair Shinier

★Multiple Heat Settings for Drying and Styling Flexibility


Package Includes:

1x blow dryer brush

1x English manual 

1x hair headband

2x Color random hair clips 

Product Features

  • ღ Styling In 1/2 Hour: This hot air brush quickly create volume at the roots and rich curls and waves at the ends, or satisfied straighten the hair while air flows through the brush to dry the hair faster, saving you better Time and release your hand.
  • ღ 2 in 1 Hair Dryers Brush And Volumizer: Suitable for wet hair, dry hair and all hair types. While blowing hair, create a more natural look is also finished.Two random color clips and 1 hair headband, better help you create ideal style.
  • ღ Negative Anion Care Blow Dryer Brush: When use this blow dryer brush drying and styling, high quality ceramics release negative ions to protect your hair penetrates hair quickly from the inside out, smoothing hairy glow, reducing bifurcation, frizz and static.
  • ღ Oval Brush Design: Anti-scalding brush blow dryer, all-round care, high-toughness Nylon Pin teeth and bristles, high temperature resistance, not easy to break, promote hair root circulation, massage relax, cross hair roots, comb hair knot.
  • ღ Unique Design & Constant Temperature Airflow: SeaRoomy one step hair dryer and styler with 11 Groups of 39 vents are regularly arranged, constant temperature airflow, uniform and efficient air output, reducing hair damage. Provides Low/Medium/High heat settings for styling flexibility compatible for all hair types.


Anonymous says:

Nice Brush I am very cautious about use heat-setting hair care product, but this hot air brush straightens my hair and keep shinne and smooth When I do hair styler, this one hair dryer and volumizer shortens half time. Quick straightens out the semi-wavy hair i have.In short, I like this blow dryer brush. Yes, this need practice and the results are great on my hair.

Anonymous says:

So cooool blow hair dryer brush It’s a cool one step hair dryer and styler, just like you use a hair dryer and comb, but it saves time and effort. It did my hair silky smooth, without frizz and knots. Usually I use a hair straightener every morning and it takes 20-25 minutes. Using this hot air brush I can finish straight hair in as little as 10 minutes.

Anonymous says:

More time-saving than flat iron I spend 30 minutes a day using flat iron to straighten my hair, every time pull off a lot of my hair. My hair longth is to the middle of the back, thick curls. I use this one step hair dryer and styer to dry my hair in less than 15 minutes, and still keep straight for a one day! Very satisfied.

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