Facial Hair Remover for Women, Electric Portable Painless Professional Facial Epilator, Facial Armpit Arm Body Waterproof Hair Remover Built-in LED Lights

July 14, 2019 - Comment
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This mini portable facial epilator is a new type of equipment specially developed by modern women.
It can quickly and painlessly remove excess hair from women’s face and bring a new look to women.
Fast and does not hurt the skin:
This facial epilator uses an electric operation, which can remove many hairs from the face, arms, underarms, etc.
Without damage to the skin, creating a smooth and flawless skin.
Exquisite design:
rose gold head, built-in LED warm light, perfect design of equipment that matches the femininity.
A waxing alternative:
simple and quick hair removal saves women time and money in waxing.
Small and portable, put it in a bag, always accompany a woman to travel, no longer worry about the impact of hair.
Instructions for use:
1. Before use, you must clean your face without makeup.
2. Rotate the lower grip once, raise the small circumference, use the gripper twice to use, and then gently move on the skin in a circular manner.
The skin is moist and the effect is better.
3. Regularly clean the shaving head to ensure the shaving head is clean.
4.Need to install 1AA battery to work.
Follow the instructions in strict accordance with the instructions.
If you have any questions, please keep in touch with us!

Product Features

  • High safety performance: suitable for all skin types women, mild and non-irritating, no allergic reactions to the skin, women can use every day, is the best choice for female hair removal tools.
  • Fast and painless hair removal: It adopts electric hair removal, painless and easy hair removal, and can quickly remove many fine hairs such as head, face, arms and underarms to bring you smooth skin.
  • Feminine design: Mini portable razor, beautiful design and built-in LED lights, can be loaded into the bag, you can quickly remove unsightly hair when you travel, and accompany you all day long, let you have flawless makeup.
  • The operation is simple and time-saving: the built-in small circle rotates the shaft, and the small circle is raised once, and the skin can be shaved after the second rotation. Simple and fast, saving more time.
  • Excellent service: Our products are rigorously tested. If there are any problems with the products, please contact us quickly to provide you with better service.


Anonymous says:

Gentle and compact I was very pleasantly surprised at how this worked, I have tried a few different ones and they would pull the hair instead of acting like a razor. I love how its compact and great to carry in your purse or for travel. I usually sit at stop lights and pluck hairs out of my chin but I don’t have to do that any longer. I highly recommend this hair remover for either a man or woman !!

Anonymous says:

I love this! I had been looking for a facial hair remover for a while. I used to get my face waxed, but I kept breaking out from the wax. I tried creams as well and they irritated my skin. I also had an epilator, but that was too painful. I was scared to use a razor for fear of stubble or my hair growing back thicker and courser. I was excited to try this out. I used it on my entire face in less than five minutes. I love how smooth my skin is from using this! My makeup goes on smoother and looks so much…

Anonymous says:

Cyster’s best friend! I have PCOS…. many may know, one of the biggest side effects is unwanted body and facial hair. I struggle with thick blonde peach fuzz everywhere on my face, and “whiskers” on my chin. This little miracle worker completely eliminates it all! My face has seriously never looked better!!! It’s super simple to use, just turn it on and in small circular motions, go over the areas you want to clear of hair. Some spots might be stubborn, so try the other direction or go slower! Afterwards, you just…

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