Hair Removal Device, IPL Hair Removal, Permanent Hair Removal System 400,000 Flashes with Cooling Care&LCD Display, Painless Epilator for Women & Man Whole Body and Face

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This product uses painless laser hair removal, which can effectively remove excess hair per inch. It is convenient and practical. It can be used anywhere you want to get rid of hair.

Instructions for use:
❄ Clean the skin, hang the hair from the hair removal area, and keep the hair removal parts dry.
❄Connect the power adapter and turn it on.
❄ Wear eye protection with product delivery to protect your eyes.

safety warning:
❄When using the hair removal device to remove hair, avoiding it after sun drying. If you play in the warm sunshine before depilation, do not remove the hair temporarily.
❄ When using the hair removal device, care should be taken to avoid hair loss at the wound, because use at the wound may cause inflammation of the wound and cause inflammation.
❄When using the hair removal device, do not remove the hair several times in the same place. It is easy to cause damage to the skin at the same time. It may cause redness and swelling. Pay attention.
❄When using the hair removal device, it should be perpendicular to the skin. When operating the hair removal device, make the instrument mouth of the hair removal device perpendicular to the skin, so that the hair removal effect is better and the skin will not be injured.
❄Hair removal cycle: 1-3 times, 2 weeks apart, inhibit hair growth and spontaneous hair loss. 4-7 times, the hair becomes thinner and the skin becomes thinner every 4 weeks. More than 8 times, permanent hair removal can be achieved by long-term use every 2 weeks, depending on the person.
Package including:
❄One main body
❄One protect glasses
❄One razor
❄One adapter
❄ User Guide

Tips: With patience and perseverance, doing the treatment continually and regularly as required, you will enjoy smooth and hair-free skin permanent at home.

Product Features

  • ❄8-speed adjustment: Automatic skin tone sensing, automatic detection, avoiding irritation and gentle care of sensitive parts.Only when it is close to the skin can it emit a flash, which can effectively prevent misuse of children and other unsuitable people, and it is safer to remove hair.
  • ❄LED display:All the dates(Function, gear, flashes)can be seen clearly on the LED display. 400,000 pulses enough for more than 10 person’s whole body treatment.
  • ❄Cooling Care Function:The freezing point hair remover design can prevent burning heat sensation and pains, it can ease redness and pain when do the hair removal treatment, which enables better skin care and provides a gentler, comfort and safety hair removal experience.
  • ❄Double exhaust vents: refrigeration, laser exhaust vents in all walks of life, left and right separate exhaust, cooling, rapid light output is even better.Extended power storage design, energy stability, higher efficiency.
  • ❄Wide Range of Applications:IPL epilator apply to most parts of the body including legs hair, underarm hair, arms hair, forehead hairline, back, bikini part, etc. Universal epilator for women and men.Light won’t hurt your eyes, but if feeling glare, you can wear sunglasses while using it.


Anonymous says:

Love it!! Highly recommend product!!! Easy to use. My sister and I having a great try on this product! It’s feel very comfy for me to use it while I’m watching tv

Anonymous says:

i like it, no pain fist of all, i afraid to use hair removal product, i afraid hair removal pain. after i use this product, i feelVery assured, there’s no pain, and i can felt a little bit cooling after is shout flash, i don’t know if it works for remove hairs, but after my first time using, i’ll give it 5 stars rating, if it’s really work for hair remove, i’ll keep update my experience.

Anonymous says:

Lightweight easy to use Wow! This amazing IPL hair removal device is very easy to use. Not painful at all when I used it . It comes with a sun glasses to prevent glare. Save time and money if I do it by myself. Really satisfied with this product and quality.

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