HURRISE Facial Steamer,2 Types Rocker Arm Single Arm Hot Facial Aroma Ozone Beauty Salon Spa Hot Facial Steamer Facial Hydration Home Sauna SPA Facial Atomizer(US)

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The hot facial aroma steamer is designed for beauty salon or personal care use at home. It has functions of generating ozone, so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. It also can sterilize and brighten skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism. With aroma steam function, you may enjoy more comfort and release. 

Item Type: Facial Steamer
Material: ABS
Color: White
Optional Plug Type: US Plug
Rated Power: 750W
Cup Volume: 680ml
Size: 58 * 32 * 28cm / 22.8 * 12.6 * 11inch
Weight: Approx. 3825g / 134.9oz
Function: Promote blood circulation, Improves cell metabolism

Package List:
1 * Facial Steamer
1 * English Manual 

1. Screw the water cup tightly to make sure the cup is not moving.
2. Take out the aroma cover, and add water from the water filler but do not exceed the max line.( Purified water is better)
3. Connect the machine to main power and turn on the hot steam button ON, then the display light on, Press UV light ON button when you are ready to steam. And the hot spray come out about 5 minutes later.


Skin Type
Oily Skin  
About 15 minutes
Normally Skin
About 10 minutes
Sensitive Skin
About 5 minutes

Product Features

  • ❤Deep hydration and clean – Steam can penetrate into the pores, softening the grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues and dirt accumulated in the pores for easy removal.Helps pores to excrete toxins and temporarily soften wrinkles. Open the pores for deep cleaning.
  • ❤Promote skin growth – Promotes blood circulation,Removes necrotic cells and old cuticle on the skin.Clean blackheads, acne and grease, improve skin pigmentation. Promote skin activation and regeneration,Softens necrotic cells on the surface of the skin, for removal in subsequent care procedures.
  • ❤Promote nnutrient absorbed – It has functions of generating ozone, so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption.Nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cell easier to solve skin problems from the root.Make your skin care products more effective
  • ❤Well-designed – Stable stand base, five star leg, easy to move around.Adjustable height, you can fix it according to your own requirements, convenient for use. Rocker arm design, rotatable nozzles to meet your different needs.
  • ❤Applicaable place – Intelligent power off, safer for use.Suitable for professional beauty salon or personal care use.Easily care for your skin while doing other things


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