Large Foot Bath Spa Bucket Thick Sturdy Plastic Foot Bath Basin for Soaking Foot, Pedicure,Spa and Foot Massage

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Product describtion:
This foot basin is specially designed for foot soaking. The shape of the bucket matches the shape of the foot and is comfortable and large, so you can soak and bathe the entire foot and ankle. When you stand all day, your feet need a good relaxation soak. Simply soak or mix your foot detox solution into a bucket or use your own foot soak formula.

Material:Made of plastic
Color: Bule andamp
Package include:
1 * foot bath

Enjoy it even more by adding enhancers to:
1.Help relieve foot bacteria that cause odors
2.Moisturize your feet
3.Tackle inflammation
4.Manage essential oils to relax
5.Relieve foot pain or pain
6.Regulate your body temperature to warm up on cold nights or cool down on hot days
You will love our foot soak bath! There is no better way to end your day!

Customer service
What’s more,we are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service,please feel free to contact us if you have any question before or after purchasing,our customer service is ready for you at anytime.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: This foot wash basin is durable! Thick plastic that does not shake when filled with water. The rim can be lifted easily without any attachment, such as handle, for fear of accidental shedding.
  • RELAXING YOURSELF: After a long day, you can enjoy some epsom salt, essential oil foot soak for recipes, or a multitude of enhancers. If you have fungus, ingrown nails or athlete’s foot, always advise your doctor to soak your feet. It can also help soften nails before trimming or relieving painful corns in the feet.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The bottom of the bucket is raised to better soak the soles. Use this foot bucket to restore your feet and ankles.
  • SUITABLE SIZE: Spacious foot tub, 15 inches by 14 inches by 7 inches – this tub comfortably fits a man’s 11 feet wide. At 7 inches tall, this tub also covers your feet and ankles.
  • RELIABLE FOOT SOAK TUBE: No electronic device can break or make annoying sounds when you relax. Just add hot water and enjoy a 20-minute soak. It’s that simple!


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Perfect This basin is of good quality and fully meets my expectations.

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Good quality I am very happy to buy such a good quality pot with so little money.

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liked it liked it

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