[New Version] 2019 Skin Scrubber by Larimar, Cordless Peeling Pore Cleanser, Facial Deep Cleansing Exfoliation Spatula Device, Blackhead & Dead Skin Remover, Face Lifting Treatment, Comedone Extractor

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Enjoy deep cleaning exfoliation and face lifting support with a facial treatment tool that cleanses pores and moisturizes skin to restore supple firmness.

We’re all looking for to keep our face clean, clear, and looking youthful for years to come. That’s why you need a pore-cleaning tool that can help remove blemishes, blackheads, oils, dead skin, makeup, and impurities while ensuring it remains tight, firm, and soft to the touch.

Introducing the Larimar Skin Scrubber, a multipurpose comedone extractor, deep pore cleanser, and regenerative skincare system that helps strip away impurities in the skin while enhancing circulation and your lymphatic metabolism; all to improve natural cellular regeneration and gentle massage your skin to help it stay hydrated.

Spa Quality Skin Scrubber

Used by aestheticians and skincare clinics, this skin scrubber system uses high-frequencies to provide a deeper, more effective facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. It’s also lightweight, rechargeable, and portable, making it easy to keep your skin looking firm, youthful, and radiant.

Product Details:

Advanced Skin Scrubber and Exfoliator Advanced Electronic Vibration Helps Remove Dead Skin Cells, Oils, Makeup, Impurities Rechargeable, Handheld, Portable Device Improves Serum and Cream Absorption Gentle on Dry, Oily, Sensitive, or Combination Skin Includes Wireless Charing Stand Safety Note: Avoid Lip and Eye Areas

Get the Larima Skin Scrubber today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and take proactive steps to eliminate blemishes and keep skin softer, suppler, and more balanced.

Product Features

  • ADVANCED BLEMISH REMOVER: This Gentle dead skin scrub through high-frequency vibration therapy helps clean, exfoliate, and resurface the skin by eliminating acne, blackheads, pimples, oils, dirt, and whiteheads to reveal cleaner, radiant, softer skin & tighter.
  • DEEP PORE CLEANSER & EXFOLIATOR: Our facial peel device tool massager and blackhead extractor can help remove dead skin, stains, makeup, and other impurities from your pores to leave it feeling cleaner and more revitalized while optimizing moisture and hydration.
  • ENHANCED SERUM ABSORPTION: Using the derma skin scrubber along with creams, serums, and gels this dermabrasion tool can help your skin absorb minerals and nutrients more effectively to help reverse the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • BUILT IN TIMER: The electric portable scraper microdermabrasion device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. Avoid sensitive areas on your skin. Avoid lip and eye area. * Oily and non-sensitive skin: 2~3 times a week; dry/combination and sensitive skin: 1~2 times a week.
  • SUPPORTS ALL SKIN TYPES – Designed for dry, oily, or even sensitive skin, our pore cleanser and skin scraper can be used over the cheeks, forehead, nose, and anywhere else you want clearer, healthier skin.


Anonymous says:

Good product Really like this device! I could tell a difference on my skin right after the first use. It scraped away my dead skin and also got some blackheads and pimples out. Make sure your skin stays wet or it will get uncomfortable.

Anonymous says:

Treat yourself !! I bought this device coz as a postpartum Mom I needed something to help my tired looking face to shine a bit .. I was very sceptical at first but I can’t explain it it actually worked. I tried it in the shower with my regular facial soap and immediately afterwards I felt this freshness in my face and after using it for a few days my skin looks more thight and less tired . Also I like the fact it has multiple treatment options to pick from , it’s like going to a spa in your on bathroom.. so…

Anonymous says:

Amazing! Really works! Bought it mainly to use for blackheads, I was very skeptical, but this machine actually works! Totally painless, and can reach all the different parts of your face. It works fast, smooth and easy. BTW: Don’t worry about what the manufacturer calls the ‘blade’ – it is totally sharpless and won’t even scratch you at all!

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