O-Best 15pcs Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers Nail Tools Travel & Grooming Kit with Case

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1.Cuspidal/ Obtuse Push-type Broach:
Used for pushing back the edge of the mail keratin and scrape nail polish and other residues; tip portion for cleaning a ditch and crevices dirt which is difficult to clean .
2. Dead skin fork :
With V type cuspidal head, effectively trim surface, agnail, callus, valid , dead skin, etc.
3.Nail file:
Polishing rag after nail cutting to make nails rounded, smoothly.
Used for trimming hard and thick nail or callus; cuspidal design is easy for trimming the narrow places.
5. Combination Nail/Cuticle Scissors :
Used for trimming the eyebrows after pulling eyebrows or shaving eyebrows, to keep the eyebrow clean and tidy.

Material: Stainless steel
Case material: PU leather
Measurement case: 16×10.2cm
Weight: 260g

Package includes:
1x Nail File
1x Nose Hair Scissors
1x Eyebrow Scissors
1x Nipper
1x Large Nail Clipper
1x Small Nail Clipper
1x Push Broach
1x Cuticle Trimmer
1x Eyebrow Clip
1x Straight Knife
1x Bevel Knife
1x Toenail Scraper
1x Blackhead & Acne Needle
1x Ear Cleaning Tool
1x Curved Nail Clipper

Product Features

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – 3x Nail Clippers, 1x Eyebrow Scissors, 1x Nose Scissors, 1x Bevel Pedicure Knife, 1x Flat Pedicure Knife,1x Tweezers, 1x Ear Cleaning Tool, 1x Nail File, 1x Toenail Nippers, 1x Nail Cleaner, 1x Toenail Scraper, 1x Cuticle Trimmer and 1x Blackhead & Blemish Remove.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Each tool is made of quality high stainless steel.It was processed through alternate hot and cold technology to make sure corrosion resistant, hard and durable, never rusts.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – With this 15 in 1 pedicure set, you can use it for Manicuring, Eyebrow Shaping, Anti-Acne and Exfoliating. A small case can meet your many requires.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & PORTABLE – Designed with a portable case 16x10cm to protect the sharp tools, it is easy to close or open with a secure snap closure. easy to keep it all In any handbags
  • TIPS: For health, It is better to use your own nail care kit separate as separate tools for fingers and toes help avoid the spread of fungal infections.


Anonymous says:

Quality Husband and I share this, everything is well made.

Anonymous says:

Id buy it again They were good quality and easy to use

Anonymous says:

… bought alot of these types of kits and was disappointed, but this one is great I’ve bought alot of these types of kits and was disappointed, but this one is great, all the tools are VERY sharp, and the nail clippers cut cleanly. I wish the case was a bit better and left some room for extra tools, like blackhead removal toolset, but these tools are fantastic.

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