Perfume Studio IMPRESSION Oil with Similar Fragrance Accords toRL_Blue, 7ml Blue Glass, Black Cap, 100% Pure-No Alcohol (RL Blue Oil VERSION/TYPE; Not Original Brand)

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Perfume Studio Premium Perfume Version of RL_Blue* – A Top Quality Alcohol Free, Pure Parfum Oil in a 7 ml Glass Roll-on Bottle.
Made in the USA from Top Quality Perfume Oils; Skin Safe, Phthalate and Vanillin Free.

Perfume Studio 90-DAY Money Back Guarantee: Perfume Studio Oils are made from the best premium quality Perfume and Essential oils available. If you’re not 100% happy with our products in any way and wish to return it for an exchange or a full refund, you may do so within 90 days of your purchase.

Product Features

  • Premium Perfume IMPRESSION Oil with Similar Fragrance Accords to *RL_Blue*, 7ml Blue Glass, Black Cap, 100% Pure-No Alcohol (Perfume Studio RL_Blue* Oil VERSION/TYPE; Impression Ralph Blue, Not Original Brand)
  • A Pure Strength, Undiluted Perfume Oil Made in the USA from the Highest Quality Perfume and Essential Oils Available; 100% Skin Safe; Phthalate and Vanillin Free.
  • An Alcohol Free, Top Grade Perfume Oil with Long Lasting Scent
  • IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ: This Perfume Oil is a TYPE/VERSION/IMPRESSION of Original Fragrance with Similar Scent and Fragrance Accords to Name Brand Fragrance. PLEASE Do Not confuse with Original Brand.
  • Packed in a 10ml,Travel Size Refillable Glass Bottle with a Smooth Stainless Steel Metal Ball Applicator.


Anonymous says:

Rollerball Perfume Oil Impression of ‘Ralph Lauren Blue’ fragrance Very happy with my purchase! This scent is RIGHT ON! Smells most like the original RL Blue I remember wearing yrs ago but your product is much more affordable & portable. I’m so thankful I found you! 🙂 Your fragrance oil lasts for hours & I can’t help but keep sniffing at my wrists. I will most definitely give you my repeat business. Thank you so much!

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